This year marks the 145th anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Still remembered today as one of the most tragic events in American history, the United States experienced an outpouring of grief unmatched until perhaps the death of John F. Kennedy.

To help commemorate the assassination and the funerals which followed, I’m planning on a series of posts which will begin on April 14th, the assassination anniversary. The series will continue with posts which will coincide with the anniversary of his death and for each of the funerals held in various cities along his final journey to Springfield.

People often forget that Lincoln was not a popular president while living. He was hated by Democrats, abolitionists (for not moving to end slavery quickly), the elite of his own party, and obviously by the South. Unfortunately, the assassination is what turned Lincoln into “Lincoln,” the near mythical figure so many people are fascinated by in our time.

I hope you’ll journey along with me as The Abraham Lincoln Blog remembers our first martyred president, beginning April 14th. It’s a remarkable story even today.