Earlier this week, the United States Mint unveiled the final designs for the new one cent coins being released next year to celebrate the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln. There will be a total of four newly designed coins, the reverse of each showing a different stage of Lincoln’s life. The first depicts the famous log cabin of his birth. The second shows a young Lincoln taking a break from log splitting in order to read. The third coin is a representation of Lincoln as an Illinois legislator, showing him standing in front of the State Capitol Building (which still stands) in Springfield, Illinois. The last coin in the series depicts the U.S. Capitol building with an unfinished dome, which is as it appeared during Lincoln’s presidency. The obverse (i.e. “front”) of each cent will remain the current design of Lincoln’s profile.
I’d like to thank my friend, Christy, for alerting me to the news. Christy is also a blogger, and I’d highly recommend her “Mystic Chords Of Memory” blog which may be found here. It’s an outstanding first-person account of her travels of historical sites around the U.S. The site also includes reviews and wonderful photos.
Christy also found another design for the new Lincoln cent series. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the final cut. Too bad, because I think Lincoln would’ve made an excellent surfing dude.