Mr. Lincoln looks like he’s “chillin'” a bit in this drawing, almost as if he’s thinking about a week or so at the beach, catching some rays, doing a little fishing, maybe and try to unwind a little from all the pressure he’s under as president.

Can’t say as though I blame him. It’s been an intense campaign season, corporate America is axing jobs faster than we count, the economy is weak, and life is stressful for almost all of us.

That’s why I’m heading to the beautiful seashore of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina for a week of some (hopefully) relaxation and fun with some long-time friends who make me part of their family.

I’m a systems analyst in my “real life” and a fairly active blogger in my spare time. I interact with computers way too much. Therefore, the Abraham Lincoln Blog is going on a 10-day or so hiatus. I’m taking along a couple of history magazines, a couple of books, and hopefully will find some peace and quiet far from the stresses of daily life.

Thanks for reading this blog. I’m an unabashed history geek and I hope you enjoy my posts.