Sometimes in the chaos of war, sad mistakes were made. This article published in the Eastbourne Gazette on 18th September 1918, highlights this. It was fortunate for Mr and Mrs Allchorn that they knew where their son really was.

A Sad Mistake

Burial of an Unknown Soldier

“Mr and Mrs Allchorn. 27, Willowfield road, request us to publish the following letter which they have received from a chaplain in France:-

“I am sorry to have to write to you on such a sad subject and I want to offer you my heartfelt sympathy in your sorrow at the death of your boy. I buried him in the military cemetery near Bapaume and in due course a cross will be erected on his grave. Presently it will help you to think of him as happy at Home with the One Who and ‘Greater love hath no man than this that he lay down his life for his friend.’”

This letter is a mistake, for the son of Mr and Mrs Allchorn is at present in hospital in Halifax wounded for the fourth time. Efforts to rectify the mistake have failed, but it is hoped that the identity of the dead soldier may yet be established.”