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    Congratulations on your decision to volunteer with Slum2School Africa. Volunteering with Slum2School has proven to be an assured path to gaining practical experiences that are applicable to work and life. It is also a great way to build meaningful relationships, learn new skills, transform communities, impact a child’s life positively, and be part of the solution to challenges in our society. With Slum2School Africa, you will be making a huge impact in the lives of millions of under-served children living in urban slums and remote communities across Africa. We are excited that you have considered applying to volunteer with us and we assure you that the information you provide will be treated confidentially and would not be used for any other purpose besides this recruitment process. Volunteer positions are highly competitive, always part-time, non-paid, and you will be expected to serve in one of 30+ teams with other dynamic professionals who share similar interests and skills. You are encouraged to complete all parts of this form, so feel free to express yourself to the best of your ability. For any questions or inquiries, contact volunteer@slum2school.org –  Together, Let’s Do More. ©Slum2School

    Who We Are

    Slum2School is a volunteer-driven development organization transforming the society by empowering underserved children in slums and remote communities with quality education, entrepreneurial skills, and psychosocial support to enable them to realize their full potential and become social reformers.

    Founded in 2012, we recognize that there are severe shortcomings in the educational sector in Africa and in this area, we are committed to transforming the lives of Africa’s most precious resource – her children.

    We provide educational scholarships, create safe learning spaces, use 21st century pedagogy and technology to improve learning outcomes and provide several other health and psychosocial supports for underserved children in slums and hard to reach communities.

    This is achieved by collaborating with the government, private sector, individuals, civil society organizations and other developmental agencies towards building a resourceful and sustainable network. Most importantly building a network of socially responsible community of volunteers committed to social reformation.

    We envision a world where every child has access to quality education, good health, and a happy family.


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