I’ve posted previously about the Abraham Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois and the unfortunate closing of the Lincoln Museum in Fort Wayne, Indiana. But did you know that a Lincoln Museum exists in the state of Tennessee? It’s true.

The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum is located on the grounds of Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee, located about 55 miles northeast of Knoxville. The present building was open in 1977 but the university has held important Lincoln artifacts since the 1920’s. Included in the museum’s collection are photos, books, rare diaries pertaining to Lincoln, scrap books, letters, and so forth. This link provides a nice list of the items in the museum’s collection, each item fully described.

I’ve been to the museum, but it was many years ago, perhaps only after it had recently opened. The museum can’t compare to the “glitz” of the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, but it is still a valuable source of information for the Lincoln enthusiast. If you visit, you will not be disappointed!