Today’s reading assignments from Mackubin Thomas Owens in the Weekly Standard; Ryan Smith in The Wall Street Journal and Captain Katie Petronio in the Marine Corps Gazette.

Not exactly the PC version that the White House (or outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta) would like you to read, but it’s the truth.  There’s a reason that 99% of all women in the military can’t pass muster for service in the infantry or special forces.  And it has nothing to do with sexism; it’s all about physiology and the  fact that most women don’t have the upper body strength or endurance to handle those jobs.

But remember this: with the door now open for women to serve in ground combat units, the left will do whatever it takes to make this “experiment” succeed.  When we start “gender-norming” for physical standards in the infantry, SEAL units; Special Forces A-teams and Air Force combat control and pararescue elements, we are finished as a military. But our feckless senior leaders (helloooo, General Dempsey) are willing to go along, figuring the consequences will become evident after they retire and in the mean time, maybe their bosses in the White House and on the Hill will go easy on sequestration.