On this–and every–Veteran’s Day, there will parades and speeches and expressions of gratitude for those who served and those who still wear the uniform.

But sometimes, the day’ s real meaning is reflected in quiet moments, far removed from the official celebration.  Over at FreeRepublic.com, someone posted a remarkable photo that captures the essence of service, sacrifice and gratitude:

It was taken by three years ago by amateur photographer Frank Glick, at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis.  Running ahead of schedule on his morning commute, Glick took a detour through the cemetery and spotted the bald eagle, sitting atop a veteran’s tomb stone.  He grabbed his camera and captured a timeless reminder of those who gave so much in the cause of freedom. 

Since then, the photo has gone viral, and rightfully so.  Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Jon Tevlin wrote a 2011 column about the photographer, and the World War II soldier whose tombstone provided a perch.