I love to find hidden gems about Abraham Lincoln in small town papers and other obscure resources and then share them with my readers. Here is a great editorial asking the rhetorical question “Does America need another Abe Lincoln?” The article comes from fwdailynews.com, a family of newspapers serving northeastern Indiana.

The author begins by sharing the fascinating news of yet another auction coming up (June 2008) at Christie’s in New York of a document signed by Old Abe himself. What’s so unique about this document, though, is that it was also signed by Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States Of America! It seems that this document was signed by both presidents in order to grant safe passage to a gentleman who wished to sell approximately 100 bales of cotton in order to support the Orphan Home of Mississippi. The document is estimated to bring between $100,000 and $150,000 at auction. It’s the only known Civil War document signed by both Lincoln and Davis. I suspect it will fetch far more than that.

But the author of this editorial goes on to make an eloquent plea to Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barrack Obama the presumptive nominees of their parties for president. The author makes a great case that the next president will need to “bind up the nation’s wounds” and to put partisan politics aside in order to solve the many problems our nation is facing. The next president, according to the writer, needs to lead all of us, convince Congress to help him (or her) make our country great again. Please take a moment to read this wonderful editorial.

I couldn’t agree more. We’ve all had enough of the blithering babble stemming from both sides of the political spectrum. The politics of hate from the left and the right won’t solve a thing.

Yes! A resounding YES! We do need another Abraham Lincoln, a person who will lead our nation through grace, dignity, intelligence, and magnanimity.