While perusing the Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio) paper today, I stumbled upon a brief review of a new, self-published fictional account of the kidnapping of Abraham Lincoln. Titled “Notes On My Recent Abduction”, it is the recounting by Lincoln of his being taken and held hostage by John Wilkes Booth in 1864.

As I stated, this is obviously a work of fiction. But it is based on the fact that John Wilkes Booth did indeed at first plot to kidnap Lincoln in 1864, with the hopes that Lincoln could be held hostage long enough to end the war, grant the Confederacy victory, and free Confederate soldiers being held in Union prisons and camps.

The book explains describes the dangers Lincoln encounters while being held hostage, including being shot, nearly drowning, and almost being killed by an angry lynch mob. Finally, Lincoln is ordered to be set free by Robert E. Lee after Lee realizes that Booth is insane.

I normally don’t enjoy alternate history books, but this might be too intriguing for me to pass up. It sounds fascinating to consider what might really have happened had Booth indeed kidnapped Lincoln instead of assassinating him on April 14, 1865.

An excerpt of the book can be found here. Written by V.A. Herbert, it is $11.90 in paperback and $16.30 in hardback with dust jacket. It may be ordered at the link I provided. I’m not associated with the author in any way.