Hello class, and welcome to our new class forum. Periodically I will be giving you a discussion question and I will expect everyone to comment on the topic.

I may also give you several links so that you can do some web research to delve deeper into some of the topics we’ll be discussing in class.

The purpose of the blog is to encourage you to use your critical thinking skills in addressing various questions as related to United States History. You may either contribute your own original thought or respond to someone else’s posting. The only rule is that your responses must be at least one quality paragraph. Quality paragraphs should be 4-5 good, complete sentences that obviously have good thoughts included. Remember, this is a graded assignment.

In order to accurately grade your response, please post your comment with your name. (don’t use your last name please)

The first discussion question is:

What do you think was the major cause of the Civil War? I know we’ve discussed several, try to pick one and tell me about it, even if your thesis has more than one. Use the comment link below to comment.