At the Warther Museum in the small northeastern Ohio town of Dover, visitors can view masterpiece scale-replica carvings of famous trains from American history.
Ernest “Mooney” Warther was both an artistic and mechanical genius. One of his most magnificent creations is this exquisitely detailed model of the Abraham Lincoln funeral train. Carved in just one year from ebony wood and ivory, this model train has been called a priceless piece of art by the Smithsonian Institution. The wheels and other parts are movable as well. The carving is an exact scale replica of the original train which carried Lincoln’s body back to Springfield, Illinois.
To me, the most astonishing thing about this and the other carvings in the museum is the fact that Mr. Warther had only a second grade education. His models are not only beautifully detailed, but they required an outstanding knowledge of mechanical engineering as well.

Dover, Ohio is located approximately 30 miles south of Canton or about 100 miles from Columbus. The museum is well worth the visit.