Sometimes context makes all the difference. These photographs show Passover at home and at the synagogue– in Berlin, 1946. 
(note: the captions incorrectly say 1945; this of course can’t be accurate because the war hadn’t ended yet. Fortunately one of the photographs below includes a list of dates, confirming 1946). 
Passover seder at home. Source

A man named Gunther Ruschin holds a book of questions and answers about the Exodus. His concentration camp tattoo is visible on his arm. Source

Tasting of bitter herbs during the Passover seder. Source

A girl asks her elders ritual questions during the Passover seder. Source

The exterior of a Berlin synagogue. Source

A woman and her child read the blackboard outside the synagogue. (includes the string of dates, April 1946). Source

People praying at the synagogue during Passover. Source

Men of the congregation, all Holocaust survivors. Source

Torah scrolls being read to the congregation. Source

Three leading representatives of the Berlin Jewish community. Source

Chief Cantor Ruschin holding Torah scrolls to the congregation. Source

Gunter Ruschin– partially seen above holding a book– at the synagogue. Source