bust of Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca (247 BC – 183BC)is considered as one of the finest commanders in the history. He was the son of Hamilcar Barca.He belonged to Carthage (Carthigian). HIs greatest achievement was his march from Iberia over the Pyreness and the Alps into northern Italy with his army including war elephants.

During his invasion of Italy, he defeated Romans in the battles at Trebia, Trasimene and Cannae.However he could not attack Rome whic was heavily guarded.He remained in Italy for over a decade.However had to return when Romans invaded Carthage, where he was defeated in the battle of Zama.He fled to Seleucid court and then to the Bithynian court.When Romans demanded his surrender, he preffered to commit suiciderather than submit.