The shaved body and super audio system, which is fully customized to take the previous owner’s fancy, are also among the tuning elements. The appearance of such a car in Yerevan was like an explosion for the local fan club of Toyota Altezza. On this significant occasion, there was organized a gathering of owners of tuned Altezzas, and the coolest one was unanimously recognized this instance. A few months later, this Toyota Altezza changed its owner. By that time, it was repainted in matt red color with addition of black, in order to create imitation of a panoramic roof. The new owner turned out to be a creative person, who decided to indulge his fantasies, by customizing the car once again. He turned to the guys from “Hot Road Garage Armenia” restoration workshop with the objective to change the body color and make some modifications to the suspension. At first, the guys put the car back on the original chassis and deprived it of the air suspension. The interior was partially restored to the factory condition: the dashboard was changed, but, for the convenience of the driver, they did not touch the sport seats. The design of the front and rear bumpers was also changed. From the point of view of controllability, the car received more appropriate wheel rims. Eventually, the body was treated and repainted in dark blue metallic. The black elements remained untouched. As a result, we have a very interesting car, which managed to retain its individuality, beauty and uniqueness. At the same time, we have a car with huge sporting potential.

By andrei