bmw-312   Not every Western millionaire collector can boast such as a Russian pensioner Anatoly Astvatsaturov car collection, writes Avtopres 2001.Collector of the town Bataysk, Rostov region, more than half a century collecting vintage equipment and his collection included over 100 copies of the brands Opel, BMW, Wanderer, Buick and Chaika, and several samples of military equipment from the past


 First car was located in Anatoly garbage in swamps and in neighboring villages.The oldest representative of his collection is the BMW 1935 and production year, avtoantikvarat successfully obtained against two bottles of vermouth.“I went in the vicinity of Novocherkassk in 1989 on tomatoes and saw a shack in Santa under the tree from BMW and then compiled to date innards for it,” said Anatoly Astvatsaturov.The collection of legendary figure pensionera “EMKA” (GAZ-M1), which was accidentally found in the Belarusian swamp.Among the most treasured possessions collector puts Russian model GAZ-67 and GAZ-AA – cars passed the tests of the Great Patriotic War.“Polutorkata” GAZ-AA collector is now fully recovered and proudly led it during a parade dedicated to Victory Day – May 9.

By andrei