At the end of February, after going through all the bureaucratic red tape at the custom office and getting the registration plates, the car was brought to the workshop of “Plasti DIP Armenia”, where it was decided to cover the entire body of the car with special American rubber paint. This method offers unlimited choice of colors; the final result normally depends on the imagination of a customer. In our case, the choice fell on purple with chameleon tints, including maroon and blue. Some of the parts, like wing mirrors and moldings, were done in a matte black color, which gives the car an even sportier appearance. The front bumper was repainted in the style of F-Sport with the black middle, which visually unifies the radiator grille with the vents on the front bumper. All this is harmoniously combined with original wheel discs painted in a darker shade. This vehicle is equipped with a 3.5L V6 24-valve 2GR-FSE petrol engine, which produces 317 HP. This engine along with the A760E semi-automatic transmission and all-wheel drive accelerate the car from 0 to 100km/h just in 6.3 seconds. Currently, this Lexus is undergoing another stage of exterior modification. Most likely, very soon, the owner will present a quite different Lexus.

By andrei