I seem to go through stages of liking yoghurt, which may seem a bit odd but I guess maybe I am a little bit odd?! Fortunately at the moment its the ‘on’ stage and it reminded me that I really do enjoy Total’s plain yoghurt, its thick and creamy and perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes. I like that its natural and not full of sugar too! 
Total yoghurt are running a competition via Pinterest at the moment – and this recipe is my entry – you can see my Total board here. I know you want to see my delicious recipe on their tubs so please share this!
A few months back I managed to pick some gorgeous Sundae dishes for a mere 50p each in the local hospice shop and to be honest I will make any excuse to use them as they look so pretty! When I was deciding what to make with my yoghurt I stumbled accross a tin of sliced mangoes and thought a Fool would be perfect. Luckily the recipe worked perfectly first time and I didn’t make a fool of myself, haha!
The amarettini biscuits are great for jazzing up quick puddings but if you can’t find them just ust standard amaretti biscuits, just less of them! 
Makes two sundaes – would probably fill 3 ramekin dishes

8 amarettini biscuits
120g Total yoghurt
1 tin of mango slices
½ tbsp icing sugar
You will need a liquidiser/ blender or just get menacing with a fork!
1) Drain the mangoes and place in the liquidiser . Blitz in short burst – no more than a few seconds to a loose pulp. 
2) Add the yoghurt and icing sugar then gently blitz once to just combine.
3) Crush the biscuits – I used a pestle and mortar but a bashing with a rolling pin would work too – you want a loose crumb – not too much dust!

4) Layer the crumbs into your desired serving dish in between the fool mixture – keep a little bit for the topping

5) Once assembled, chill for 30 minutes and then serve:

The fools were delicious – a nice light, fruity end to our dinner and I’ve since been out to buy another tin of mangoes to make again! Erm and lots more Total Yoghurt…! I’m amazed how much B likes it too considering it doesn’t involve chocolate! It really is that good.

By andrei