It appears this year germ season started early, its claimed me, the boyfriend, mum and countless friends and colleagues. It certainly is thorough! Today thankfully at last is duvet day, the futon is down in the lounge and I am making my way through everything on the sky+ box! Great British Bake off next woohoo! Tissues are on standby and endless cups of tea!
There seems to be a lot of food pictures on my pc I have taken prior to lergy striking but the lighting here is awful and I’ve been loathe to blog anything… There is also the slight issue of not remembering what went into dishes, I feel I short change you all when recipes are a bit sketchy..however I know that does work in its own little way. I always hope to inspire people to cook and make them feel they can play around with recipes and discover things they like along their way..
So today I decided these pictures were the best of a bunch, and were quite fun to make so wanted to share with you. A few weeks backs Total, the yoghurt people sent me a box of goodies to make these Jumbo Italian Spiced Chickpea burgers and my lovely friend C helped to make and the eat them shortly after!
The first hurdle however was making the mixture….I don’t own a food processor anymore but did have a blender thingy…so it got loaded as the below picture:

So far so good? Erm no. The bread got blitzed just fine but the rest refused to budge and the machine just made whirly noises..out came a a wooden spoon to try and push the mixture down. Nope. Fail. After many attempts, we put the mixture into a mixing bowl, converted the blender into a hand blender option and eventually we had burger mixture!
It was messy business but I managed to shape it into four burgers – these were certainly fitting the ‘Jumbo’ description!
So much so I could only fit two in the frying pan and had to cook in batches!

After being cooked, then carefully flipped over I.e. oh help me C its falling apart as the pan was too small cries, they turned out pretty good looking:

The burgers were definitely beasts to eat, and a little challenging as ours kept squshing out the sides, maybe the mixture was too soft from the hand blender perhaps but we did enjoy them, and the remaining two were eaten the next day. I would re-make them but shape them into perhaps six burgers next time!
With the burger recipe was also a relish but neither of us do raw onion so opted for the contents of the fridge including various chutneys and flavoured mayo’s! Garlic mayo works well, as does sweet chili sauce! I also fried them in a little oil, as when trying the spray oil the pan got too hot and made unpleasant smoke smells!

Makes 4 burgers

4tbsp Total Greek Yoghurt
75g fresh breadcrumbs (approx 2 slices)
2x 400g drained chickpeas
25g fresh basil
2 tbsp sundried tomato paste
2 cloves crushed garlic
Pinch chilli flakes

Rolls to serve

If you have a food processor, blitz together the above, if not dig out your hand blender and see my notes above!
Shape into four patties, drizzle a little oil in a pan, heat moderately and fry the burgers for five minutes each side.
Serve with lots of salad
Many thanks to #TryTotal

By andrei