Back in September, Sainsbury’s sent me some nice organic goodies but I only just got around to playing with them now, and the result was this delicious, light no-bake cheesecake. For our main course I was cooking slow roasted lamb that had been marinated with mint, cumin and coriander, sort of down the Greek route and wanted something tasty for dessert but without being too heavy. By using the ricotta, it lightens the cream nicely with an almost hint of lemon to it and the honey used for sweetening gives it a completely different taste to sugar but in a totally good way! I experimented a few months back with the ricotta and mascarpone mixture with a Maple and Pecan version and it’s a definite keeper!
The cheesecake was sweet enough for the majority of us though dad would have liked it a tad sweeter but he does have a sweet tooth! You could add more icing sugar or honey if desired – taste the mixture as you make it is the best way! Just remember there is extra honey on top so less is more!
My cheesecake was a real hit and was demolished by 4 greedy adults. I had hoped for leftovers but starting to know that when my brother and dad are over, leftovers are not an option no matter how much I cook..

Serves 4-8


3 tbsp organic flaked almonds
125g ricotta cheese
50g butter unsalted
250g reduced fat mascarpone
2 tbsp icing sugar
12 digestives
6tsp Organic clear honey (or just your favourite!)

You will need a circular 7 inch loose bottom tin. To make removal easier, line the bottom with parchment paper.
1) Start by making the base, place the biscuits in a seal-able food bag and bash their lights out with a rolling pin. Toast the almonds in a dry pan and reserve to one side
2) Melt the butter, stir in the crumbs and press into an even layer in the prepared tin. Chill for a good 20 minutes to firm up.
3) Beat the cheeses together, icing sugar and half the honey until smooth, spoon over the biscuit base. Scatter over the almonds and drizzle with the remaining honey.
4) Chill overnight in the fridge and to serve; very carefully push the middle up and the tin sides down, place on a pretty plate or appropriate object – in this case my mezzaluna turned upside down and a gorgeous vintage style polkadot doily!

By andrei