An easy weeknight meal that simply needs assembly on the night. I put a little spin on it for my daughter, calling it Pesto Pizza. Chop all your toppings in advance and store in a tub or sealed freezer bag. I chose peppers, tomatoes, mushroom, chorizo and mozarella, but you really could put on anything you fancied…grilled aubergine, seared asparagus?

Unroll the sheet of puff pastry (I’ve always believed life is too short to make your own puff!) and score a light border around the edge. Spread your pesto over the base, top with toppings, making sure the wetter ones, such as tomatoes, are on top so they don’t make the pastry soggy, and top with cheese. Bake in a hot oven until the base is crispy underneath – you may need to cover the top with foil to ensure it doesn’t burn. Serve with a crispy green salad.

By andrei