So back in January, contrary to what gets banded about the news I decided on postponing making any resolutions! After all its a long, slightly dreary, dark and very cold time when all you want is hot cocoa and cheese (maybe not together though), then all of a sudden trying to commit to eating salad all of a sudden is really never going to work! Then February came, and with it a whole load of rather invasive digestive testing which involved a mix of starvation, marmite as a drink (I can’t even make eye contact with its golden form in the cupboard) and being subjected to medicine that made me really re-consider why on earth I had even bothered muttering to my GP that I had issues!

So March is steadily approaching, Spring is in the air and daffodils are blooming and now the tests are out of the way it is time I think to start thinking about some healthier meals too. Now admittedly I am not overweight, in fact the past 6 months had seen me lose a few kg’s but that has balanced out now, and with the fibromyalgia restricting how much exercise I can subject myself too and the IBS still occasionally rearing its ugly head I am determined to get back to a more functional level. I think the oesophagitis is on the mend too thanks to the meds so am hoping its a step in the right direction.

Getting the right nutrition makes such a difference to with the fibro and my energy levels, so over the next few weeks I will be trying out a few healthier options and sharing the successes and failures with you! On a super positive note I got the ‘5 year’ all clear from my Oncologist this morning and no longer having to be on active monitoring! I can’t tell you the relief I feel. Going back down that road is one I never want to go again!

So far, with everything that’s happened, anything overly fatty and creamy are out (hello light soft cheese-eek!) as it frankly gives me digestive hell and so its goodbye my sweet chorizo too! My first stab at trying to eat healthier things is going to start with breakfast. Something I am not good at. The via the other night I found a bag of neglected chia seeds and on a whim made Chia pudding – I often don’t eat breakfast till about 10am, and take my acid meds when I wake at 7am, and wondering if the delay is not helping the stomach so thought something soft might be manageable..

..I will be honest that at first glance this morning eating it was not my first thought and I managed a tentative spoonful… and whilst it was very weird it was okay weird.. not as bad as I feared though not that I could face any more of it so early – though I did finish the small batch when I got home from work and again it was the initial hesitation, I don’t really like the flavour of milk (I know, weirdo!) I would make it again but maybe with a nut milk or something more palatable.. have any of you experimented with it to good success? Is it worth it?! I am off yoghurt at the moment as the texture doesn’t agree with me so trying to improvise!

Today’s breakfast was overnight oats, with chia, coconut and a little drizzle of maple syrup – this time the chia was far more palatable and its something I think I could tolerate more often.. am sure it has to be healthier than a pain au chocolat…!

So has anyone stuck to resolutions or are they work in progress? Any suggestions for a healthy breakfast other than smoothies? Never enjoyed them as wonderful as they look!

By andrei